Cbaherciveen Credit Union sponsor South Kerry Board

Caherciveen Credit Union are proudly sponsoring the South Kerry Under 21’s Footballers as part of their continued and on-going commitment to local clubs and organisations.

As Manager Elma Shine shared “within our local community we truly value the key role that the South Kerry board plays with all the under-age, minor and under-21 teams, bringing kids through from primary age up to college years and beyond. They play a key role in our common bond area and we wanted to return our commitment to their hard work by being the title sponsor for the year with the U-21 team”.

Caherciveen Credit Union choose to partner with the South Kerry Football board as they are helping to build the blocks for the next generation in the community. Many of the Credit Union members are actively involved in GAA teams within South Kerry and through this sponsorship the Credit Union wanted to continue to support their members in the wider community.

Elma further explained “we fully acknowledge the importance of GAA and the South Kerry board here in our common bond area supporting all their local teams plus we understand that fundraising can be an on-going challenge for them. As a result we wanted to commit to be a lead sponsor for them so they can continue to do the great work they do with the reassurance of sponsorship behind them.”

Both organisations are an evident match for each other with their commitment to community and youth within their community. Caherciveen Credit Union have always supported younger members and student members with specific memberships and youth initiatives. Their Student Loans are in high demand in at this time of year as younger members are making plans to return to college in September or for those who will in August decide where they will study having their Student Loan in place with Caherciveen Credit Union is one less thing to worry about.

Caherciveen Credit Union have also clearly demonstrated in the past 12 months that they want to talk to their younger members on new platforms. The launch of their Facebook, Twitter and You Tube channel has seen huge engagement from younger members. Their new website is launching soon as they understand that members want connectivity at all times. This is especially true for all members such as Students who do not live locally and need to access their information in real-time. Their new website will streamline all the processes from becoming a member, to making a loan application to updating your savings, real solutions in real time.