Caherciveen Credit Union GR8 Savers

Tired of getting a “No” from Mom & Dad when you’re looking to buy the next big gadget, the latest fashion or go to that music festival?

Well lets get saving to make those dreams come true – GR8 Savers go places! Join our GR8 Savers Club today and win great rewards.

Call into us to get your GR8 Savers Card.

Terms & Conditions

  • Saving stamp cards and affixed stamps become the property of the holders of the card. Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or defaced stamps or cards.
  • Only Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd stamps may be affixed to the card.
  • Value of each stamp is €2 and a fully completed card is €80.
  • Savings stamps may be purchased at Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd or through your schools savings club.
  • Once a minimum of 30 stamps have been affixed they can be a. redeemed for cash at Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd, b. Lodged to your savings account
  • Stamps affixed to the card are non-transferrable