Caherciveen Credit Union Bizzy Bees Savers club

Join our Bizzy Bees Savings Club for as little as €1!

Collect €30 and you will receive your own Bizzy Bee Reward. It’s fun and free!

Call into us to get your Bizzy Bees Collectors Card.

Terms & Conditions

  • Saving stamp cards and affixed stamps become the property of the holders of the card. Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or defaced stamps or cards.
  • Only Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd stamps may be affixed to the card.
  • Value of each stamp is €1 and a fully completed card is €30.
  • Savings stamps may be purchased at Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd or through your schools savings club.
  • Once a minimum of 30 stamps have been affixed they can be a. redeemed for cash at Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd, b. Lodged to your savings account c. Used to open an account at Caheciveen Credit Union Ltd
  • Stamps affixed to the card are non-transferrable